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Necessary Stuff

The Company

H CUBE Oil and Gas Services represents the energy sector arm of our establishment. The company was found on the grounds of finding innovative solutions for challenging applications in the oil field. The business objective is to perform a unique and specialized service in the Automated Tank Cleaning business that incorporates a 100% non-man entry solution to the tank de-sludging activities and projects in UAE. With the objective to stand out in the market as the largest and sole contributor to this business, the aim is to serve the International energy section in Production and Storage activities.


Our mission is to effectively serve the Oil and Gas energy sector by deploying the latest technologies in the tank cleaning services and exploiting the research and development in the industry engineering solutions.

Fit-for-Purpose Customized Solutions

Our strength is tailor made solutions to each and every tank because every tank is unique. We approach each job as a new independent project that requires the same undivided attention to details to ensure a successful outcome and guarantee our clients satisfaction.

The Technology:

  1. Sludge takes place inside the Crude and Fuel tanks as the heavier particles in the Crude oil settle in. As a consequence, the amount of Sludge in the tanks reduces the volume of the Oil tank Storage, therefore imposing a decline in the efficiency of the Storage Capacity of up to 25% in the tank volume and the Ability for maintaining Oil Reserves and the Capability of exporting Oil at the established Oil and Gas Terminals.
  2. The proposed technology is considered a revolution in the Cleaning Projects of the Crude and Fuel Tanks of up to 1,2 Million Barrels. It symbolizes the first 100% non-man entry solution for the difficulty in the existing conventional tank cleaning methodologies.

Competitive Edge:

  1. The proposed service is the first proven-methodology and the highest in the technology and quality in the tank cleaning industry.
  2. Compared to conventional methodologies, the projected system increases the safety of the process and the personnel working on the system and in the surrounding areas.
  3. The process is harmless to Environment as it does not involve any chemicals or solvents that need a special arrangement and disposal.
  4. The Principal has been a huge contributor to the Oil and Gas Services for the past 75 years and has been a developer of the tank cleaning technologies for the past 19 years.

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