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Necessary Stuff

What It Is.

FlameAde is a fire retardant which prevents fabrics and a wide variety of other material from burning. FlameAde reduces the danger of fire, limits fire-related damage to property, and minimizes possibility of burns and other fire-related injury.

Green Agent Technology™

  1. Blocks flames, Retards fires

  2. Yields fabric and other materials flame-resistant

  3. Versatile, easy to use, contains no boric acid

  4. Helps provide lasting protection

  5. A better way to block the threat of flames

What It Does.

Fire feeds on gases released when a flammable substances like cloth or paper come in contact with heat. The gases mix with oxygen in the air and, when the temperature is hot enough or if a flame or other source of ignition is present, they burn. The fire causes molecules, the basic building blocks of the burning material, to break down, releasing more flammable gases, increasing the size of the fire and destroying the burning material. FlameAde interrupts this cycle of fire by preventing the breakdown of a potentially flammable material. It reinforce the material's molecular structure, keeping it intact and preventing the release of gases that feed fires.

Applying FlameAde.

The product is designed for material that will absorb water. On natural fibers, cotton, for example, FlameAde will penetrate the fiber. The application is usually accomplished by spraying. The size of the sprayer is determined by the amount of material to be treated. On man-made fiber like Nylon and Polypropylene, the fibers resist penetration and a richer solution, 12 to 14 percent of dried weight will be required. One gallon of FlameAde will treat approximately 360 quare feet of natural material or 20 square feet of a synthetic.

Why It’s The Leader.

FlameAde is applied in a light mist. When the fabric is moist, the application is completed. With cotton, the desired damp feel can be achieved by spraying on just one side of the material. With synthetic fiber that resist penetration, it may be necessary to apply FlameAde to both sides. Once the material has been allowed to dry completely, FlameAde's flame retarding power will be ready for action. Since water-based FlameAde contains no boric acid or borate compounds, the fabric will not be stiff or brittle. It will be free of the salt ring that often appears on fabric treated with old-fashioned flame retarding solutions.

Demonstrated Effectiveness.

A rug, curtain or even a paper towel properly treated with FlameAde will stand up to flame. The ability to resist flame will persist for an extended period of time. Even a blowtorch won't be hot enough to produce flame on the treated material. FlameAde properties on treated material provide an extra measure of safety in many homes, work or institutional settings.

An Extra Margin Of Safety.

FlameAde protects homes by preventing combustion in flammable fabrics used in home or business settings. FlameAde should not be used on 100 percent silk materials. When applied on cotton, rayon and many fabric blends, FlameAde renders these fabrics nonflammable. The flame-retardant characteristics of a treated fabric will Iast indefinitely. It will not be affected by dry cleaning. However, if washing in water is required, the fabric should be sprayed again with FlameAde and allowed to dry. This process will immediately restore the product's effectiveness. Applying FlameAde to vulnerable fabric and other flammable items, holiday decorations for example, adds to safety by reducing the possibility of a catastrophic, life threatening fire.

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